My wife and I moved to San Miguel de Allende in 2007. Shortly after our arrival we purchased a small home in the Atascadero Colonia. We installed a rooftop solar system with battery backup as a science project. That project went quite smoothly and produced all of the electricity we used in the house. We were connected to the CFE grid and when the power went out occasionally we made sure to turn our street side light on to make our neighbors jealous. We had the first grid tied residential solar contract with CFE in San Miguel. In addition to the solar system, we added solar hot water, a solar floor heating system, rainwater catchment and grey water recycling. For several years interested parties toured the home during green week in San Miguel. We were not cost sensitive but were careful with what the systems cost. After living there for three years, we purchased a property outside of San Miguel. We built a house using adobe as an extremely thermally efficient building material. The home stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter. We had gas heaters n the 4 fireplaces but never used them while living there. At the Country home we installed a solar system for electricity, rainwater catchment system, solar hot water, grey water recycling and solar floor heating.

My background is Chemical Engineering and my wife is an aerospace engineer so we have some prior knowledge and education that helped us with these projects. Friends in San Miguel with a large CFE bills asked if we could help with solar systems. After looking at the bills and with discussions where we could place the systems at the homes we implemented design, sourcing of materials and installation of systems. The interaction with CFE did not go very smoothly. We relied on help from local expediters with knowledge of the workings within CFE to help with the application, permissions and contract with CFE.This did not go well! CFE is very professional at the regional level Currently we have a strong relationship with their management staff whom have been very helpful overcoming some of the problems encountered locally.

Is Eclipse different than other companies here? The answer is yes. We are committed to this industry as you can see from our backgrounds. We provide service before, during and after our installations. That after installation service entails real time monitoring of all our installations to ensure that the systems function properly. We have worked on installations by other companies to improve the efficiencies and to complete the necessary documentation and permissions with CFE.

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