Providing energy savings is important, but bringing services to those without is vital. Eclipse Solar is involved with the following non-profit organizations in San Miguel:


Catholic Boys Orphanage – We helped to raise money to replace existing light bulbs with LEDs. Now we are raising money to implement a program to install solar panels to further reduce or eliminate the bill. Vendors and manufacturers of equipment needed for the project have pledged their financial support.


As with Mexiquito, we helped raise money to replace the existing light bulbs with LEDs. The Biblioteca is a non-profit library/meeting center, theater and other things here in San Miguel.


Alma is next on the list. It is a home for older individuals with limited resources to support themselves. We are undertaking a campaign to change the existing lighting to LEDs then on to raising money to provide solar panels to reduce or eliminate their electric bill.

The three items above are done at no cost to the institutions. Eclipse does not make any money on the above but works to provide the needed services to the community.


Eclipse designed and installed a solar water pumping system to a very small community on the side of a mountain. For more than 50 years, the community had to bring water up the mountain by burro. With the solar pumping system, they now have a supply of water year around. We are looking a solar electric for the next phase of the project. A local American provided funding for this project that Eclipse did at cost.

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