Eclipse Solar uses US trained and certified technicians for the following services:

Solar Electric (PV) Systems
Reduce or eliminate your electric bills by using the power of the sun to generate clean, renewable electricity for your home. We provide residential design and installation of grid tie and off grid solar systems. Included in those services is completing the necessary contractual process with CFE. After your system is installed we use real-time monitoring using Tigo and Enphase equipment and software to ensure your system is working as efficiently as possible. Acting as facilitators Eclipse will interact with CFE for existing solar installations to arrange the contractual process and in obtaining a bi-directional meter.

For those with existing Solar Electric (PV) Systems, we specialize in system upgrade and relocation services. We often troubleshoot existing solar systems to correct poor installation or to make the system more efficient.

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Remote Water Systems
For those without water, or looking to introduce potable water to their homes, Eclipse Solar surveys, designs, and installs remote water pumping systems. With our own water catchment and filtration systems, we are able to consult and assist with rainwater catchment, gray and black water filtration and recycling, and solar hot water.

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Other Green Projects
If you have another idea for a green home or business project, we are interested in helping make that vision a reality.

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